Junior High students started recently be 'educational' helpers in different classrooms and environments! What a great way to give back:)
1 day ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Excited for the helpers!
Carpet time!
Peer collaboration.
Fireside library time!
Gym time!
Mike Calkins, real estate agent and sub-extraordinaire, visited with Project Randall about buying and selling houses, mortgages, and how to write up an MLS listing. What a great experience!
7 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Thanks Mike!
Want to sell your home? Of course not, you are in Randall, but if you know someone here is your team!
The perfect MLS listing!
That is a great idea!
Measure twice, glue once! From design to build! Student in Project Randall bringing their math skills to life!
7 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Design time!
A working front door!
Ducks 'in' the pond.
Build a Bear. Build a Home!
How do you glue a wall? Carefully and with patience!
The pool goes in first! Future home designers.
To connect and share with our greater Randall School Community - all community members should be receiving via mail the Randall Review sometime this week. We look forward to sharing with the community some of the great things that our students and teachers do here at our school. Each year we will be sending the mailer out 3 times. We hope you enjoy the Randall Review issue #1.
9 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Cover Page
The Sharing Center Wins AGAIN! Thanks to everyone at Randall and Wheatland that was able to participate! Stuff the Bus Winners are in! Congratulations to Mrs. Michels class in 2nd grade for winning the canned good challenge, peanut butter and jelly challenge, flour challenge, AND the cereal challenge! Congratulations to Ms. Byers class in the 4th grade for winning today's total item challenge with 266 items! Congratulations to the entire Third Grade for pulling out the overall win with 672 items, beating out second grade by only three items! And finally! Drum Roll Please! Congratulations to the ENTIRE RANDAL TEAM for stuffing the bus with just over 4200 POUNDS of FOOD! Wheatland ended with just over 3800 pounds so in total over 8 Thousand pounds of food has been received to benefit the Sharing Center and our community! Thank you to everyone who participated by bringing in items! Our community thanks you!
20 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
The 'holding' room!
Get the Bus ready!
The Bus is FULL!
Dear Randall Families, We want to inform you of a change to anyone entering the Randall School building as a volunteer or for a meeting during the school day. As of November 20, 2023 anyone who enters Randall will need to have their DRIVER LICENSE or State Issued ID with them. The ID will be used to create an individualized name tag. Randall will be using Safe School for this process. There will be very few exceptions (i.e. Veteran's Day). As always, any volunteer or checking in for a meeting must take place at the District Office entrance for the 2023-2024 school year. If you have any questions please contact Randall's District Administrator.
20 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
This week in library the 5th graders were challenged to build a Thanksgiving table that could hold up a "Thanksgiving feast" (1 can of food). They only had 5 pieces of paper and 8 inches of tape. Students worked on collaboration, communication and problem solving!
22 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
I've got this!
Stack it up!
Who wants to play at recess when you can watch the construction trailer get put down?!? Please check back for more Capital Referendum updates. The groundbreaking is the morning of November 29!
22 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Wait for me!
Our 1st and 2nd graders are really enjoying the new UFLI Foundations program for phonics and spelling! UFLI is an explicit, systematic approach to phonics in which students learn how to blend, decode and encode words each day! They get a great deal of practice using multiple approaches, so that they have a solid understanding of how words work. Pictured here are 1st graders watching how their mouths look while making particular sounds, building words with magnets and practicing heart words. Who knew learning phonics could be so fun!!
23 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
I've got it down!
Practice! Practice! Practice! or maybe future dentists:)
How close can we see those words come out?
A,E,I, see you!
Practice makes perfect!
The construction project begins! Check out the action in front of the building and Randall will be sharing updates throughout as well!
24 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Construction begins!
Here we go!
A 1st Grade class MYSTERY READER last week! He is looking for more 4k and kindergarten classrooms to share his love of reading with!
24 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Just one image of what makes Randall great!
Here is an awesome video from Mrs. Samborski's 4K room they'd like to share: https://bit.ly/3QV39C2 A message from Mrs. Samborski: "Our 4kers work hard through our play all day. We learn from each other and have ownership of our learning. We are powerful with our education." Happy Monday everyone!
24 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Fun in 4K!
LET'S STUFF THE BUS WITH PB & J ~ TUESDAY, NOV. 14th! Let's go Randall! Only four more days!!! Remember the winning principal will get the opportunity to pie the losing principal! Second Grade remains in the lead with total items ringing in at 407. Third grade remains in second place with 255 items while Kindergarten rounds out the top three with 210 items. Tuesday Marks Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. The classroom with the most peanut butter and jelly will win a prize!
24 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
PB & J DAY, TUES., NOV. 14th!
Randall Consolidated School JT1 would like to thank TAHER Food Service for helping support our Veterans Day lunch/early dinner. Great job and we everything was delicious!
24 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Thank you Chef!
Ready and waiting!
Serving those that served!
Appreciate all that attended!
At the Monday evening conversation with Randall's District Administrator and at the BOE meeting tonight updated renderings of the Capital Referendum project were/are being shared. It is anticipated that by the end of this week fencing will start to go up and the some of the construction materials will begin to show up on site. Wednesday, November 29 will be Randall's official groundbreaking ceremony. Details to come. For now, enjoy some of the updated images and thank you to the community for the support in this project.
29 days ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
An updated front of the our school!
Welcome to Randall!
Conference - Meeting Space
Heading to the Office of the Principal!
The Randall classrooms with the most designated items on these specific dates will receive a reward! Check the competition dates and STUFF THE BUS!
about 1 month ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Wildcat Wishes Program has just begun for 2023! Please see the information flyer... If you wish to DONATE, please complete that online form. If you wish to RECEIVE Wildcat Wishes, please complete that online form! Any questions, please contact Mrs. Lins or Mrs. Moczynski at 262-537-2211
about 1 month ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Randall Wildcat Wishes 2023!
STUFF the BUS Starts TOMORROW!!!! Let's GO RANDALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
about 1 month ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
Go Randall!
Here is the SMORE from your principal Mr. Rivard! It is also being shared via email.
about 1 month ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1
COME ON, RANDALL, LET'S STUFF THE BUS! Food collection begins Nov. 1st through Nov. 17th! LET'S SHOW WHEATLAND HOW TO "STUFF THE BUS"!!!
about 1 month ago, Randall Consolidated School District J1