4 Year-Old Kindergarten

Program Information

Our four-year old kindergarten program is full day.  Randall’s 4K program provides students a meaningful opportunity to be exposed to a variety of learning experiences.  We are a readiness program focusing on social and emotional growth.  Our curriculum is aligned with the WIMELS (Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards).  We include thematic units, as well as reading and math skills.  These experiences are beneficial to students and increase their success in five-year-old kindergarten.

Overall, students become familiar and comfortable with school routines, increase their responsibilities, and build self-confidence as they prepare to become lifelong learners.

Social Development

  • Interacts well with others

  • Participates in group activities

  • Keeps hands to self

  • Respects the rules of the school

  • Shows self-confidence

  • Takes care of one’s own needs

  • Makes appropriate choices

Fine Motor Skills

  • Holds pencil correctly.

  • Uses scissors effectively

  • Prints first name

Math Readiness

  • Counts using one-to-one correspondence

  • Compares quantities of sets

  • Sorts objects by color, shape, and size

  • Identifies basic colors

  • Identifies basic shapes

  • Counts forward from 1-20

  • Identifies numbers 1-20

  • Writes numbers 1-20

  • Arranges sizes in order

  • Makes simple patterns

Reading Readiness

  • Answers questions about stories

  • Retells familiar stories

  • Writes using pictures/symbols/letters

  • Identifies same and different

  • Recognizes own name in print

  • Identifies uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Orally dictates a sentence to match a pictures

Work Habits

  • Listens attentively

  • Follows simple directions

  • Handles materials carefully

  • Demonstrates good clean-up habits


  • Book care and selection

  • Parts of a book

  • Holiday/seasonal stories

  • Library manners and etiquette

  • Recognizing parts of a book

  • Retelling favorite parts of a story

Physical Education

  • Perform basic locomotor movements of walk, run, gallop, jump, hop, and skip

  • Move safely among other students

  • Perform basic manipulative and non-manipulative skills

  • Perform skills alone and with a group


  • Recognize a variety of artists.

  • Recognize the use of shapes in objects

  • Use shapes to create objects.

  • Experience a variety of media to create 2-D and 3-D art.


  • Experience using their voice.

  • Explore the foundations of beat and rhythms.

  • Explore echoing patterns vocally and with instruments.

  • Begin understanding the difference between fast/slow, high/low, and loud/soft.

  • Explore physically moving to music