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Randall Consolidated School

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About Our School


It is the mission of Randall Consolidated School to serve the best interests of all boys and girls, to declare publicly our aim to provide the highest educational opportunities for each and every one of our young people, to the end that they may find challenge, inspirations, and success limited only by their own potential and ambition.


Randall Consolidated School Joint District No. 1 is a K-8 district serving a six square mile area in southeastern Wisconsin adjacent to the Illinois state line. The District serves the southwest corner of Kenosha County approximately 22 miles west of Lake Michigan and is adjacent to the northeast corner of McHenry County, Illinois and within 1/2 mile of Lake County, Illinois.

Public education in this area dates back to 1867. In the early 1950's, enrollment demands resulted in several of very small school districts examining the benefits of consolidation of districts. In mid-1955 a referendum was held to establish a township wide grade school district including the Village of Twin lakes. When the referendum failed, the boundaries of the School District of Twin Lakes were, for all practical purposes fixed, and subsequent annexations to the Village of Twin lakes have been served by what is now Randall School. On September 10, 1956 a successful referendum joined Randall District No. 1 and Randall Joint District No. 2. In April, 1957 the Kenosha County (Randall Township) residents served by a school district in Walworth County were, by order of the joint Walworth County-Kenosha County School Committee, attached to the District. The current boundaries of the District were set on August 25, 1958 when a referendum approved including the remaining portion of Randall Joint District No. 3 in the District. The District's first building was occupied in 1959 (financed in 1957). Subsequent additions to the building were constructed in 1961, 1964, 1968, 1979, 1993 and the most recent addition in 2019.  In 2001, the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and mechanical systems were upgraded to provide a more constant and comfortable working environment throughout the entire school.