Why do we need the referendum?

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Although many reductions have been made and several cost-avoidance steps taken, the revenue permitted based by the State-imposed revenue limit is not sufficient to provide the services that the children of Randall need or that our community expects. Under the current State formula, the revenue limit is insufficient to continue our current educational programs and services. Wisconsin’s Revenue Cap funding formula caps spending for Randall School District at $9,342 per student. The State average for spending per student is $10,439. That is a difference of nearly $1,100. This shortfall reduces the district’s revenue by over $600,000 per year. In addition, the district has seen a significant drop in school aid since 2008-09. The amount has been reduced by $1,051,823 which totals a near 40% reduction in State aid to the district in the last ten years.

The only way to increase the amount of revenue available is to have public permission, through the referendum election, to exceed the revenue limit.