• To All Randall Parents and Caregivers:            

    School closing or cancellation information will be carried locally by the following Milwaukee media outlets:

    620 AM WTMJ


    Channel 4 – WTMJ

    920 AM WOKY

    95.7 FM WRIT

    Channel 6 – WITI

    1130 WISN

    100.7 FM WKKV

    Channel 12 – WISN


    106.1 FM WMIL

    Channel 58 - WDJT


    We would greatly appreciate not receiving telephone calls as this information will be available well in advance of our regularly scheduled school start time.  

    Please be advised also that practice and policy is for children to go outside at recess time unless the temperature or temperature combined with wind chill is below zero degrees.  Adequate and essential supervision is not available if selected students remain inside when others go outside.  We monitor the weather during the day to determine whether or not students remain indoors or go outside.
    Students should be properly attired during the winter months so that they are adequately prepared to go outside when weather permits.  This attire includes hats, coats, gloves, and boots.
    The Randall Student Handbook states: “ALL students are expected to go outside for recess.  Exceptions will be allowed for medical conditions only.  Students who are to remain inside for recess must submit a doctor’s excuse stating the reason for this exception to the rule.”  
    Unless there is a medical excuse on file for your child(ren) they will be participating in outdoor recess on those days when it is determined that recess will be held outside.  Obviously, when the decision is made not to go outdoors due to the weather conditions at the time they would remain inside and be supervised accordingly.  We will not send students outside on those days when the conditions would warrant they should stay inside.