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    Mrs. Zigler

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    Welcome Randall Families!
          It is a complete pleasure and honor to serve as Principal for Randall Consolidated School, home of the Wildcats.  Through my work at Randall over the last eight years, I have personally witnessed the amazing students, dynamic staff, and wonderful parents that we have in our school community.  Randall School is a place of excellence, where learning is paramount and students’ needs are placed first.  It is through the teamwork of our staff, parents, and students that we have successfully created a caring, creative, and challenging learning environment for our students.
          Throughout this year, we will look to face new challenges together to continue to grow and build upon our academic successes.  This will take hard work and dedication by all, character traits that are evident throughout our school community.  We will be devoted to our students to ensure that every child learns to his/her highest ability and experiences personal achievement.  We will continue to work to ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills to be thriving learners and leaders in our 21st century world.  Commitment, collaboration, and support from our students, staff, parents, and community will all play a crucial role in this journey.
          I am proud to be a continued part of the Randall School community, and I look forward to all of the amazing opportunities that this school year will bring for our students, staff, and parents.  Thank you for this opportunity and continued support of Randall School.  Together, we will accomplish great things.
         Erin Zigler

    Degree/Education Information:
    Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Miami University
    Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Aurora University