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The Randall Technology Department Welcomes You!

Our department is here to ensure Randall's staff, students, parents, and families are equipped with the technological resources and support they need to have successful interactions with school technology, both inside and outside of the classroom. The technology department collectively manages the school's website, Chromebook program, and all facets of educational technology within the school's walls.

Andrew Curzon

Andrew Curzon, Coordinator of Innovation & Technology

As a proud Randall alum, I am deeply grateful to serve our exceptional district. My gratitude grows even stronger as I see my own children benefiting from the education offered here.

My foremost goal is to infuse the Randall Consolidated School District J1 with cutting-edge innovation and unfettered technology access. The rapid evolution of technology demands that our district takes a pioneering role in delivering novel tech experiences.

Naturally, driving this visionary tech mission necessitates me to wear numerous hats. Should you have inquiries regarding technology-related aspects within the school, I encourage you to reach out to me via email or phone.


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