Physical Education Health
    Teachers:Mr. M. Perry, Mr. B. Perry Teacher:Mrs. Pearce
    Grade Levels: 4K-8th Grade Grades: 6th and 7th
    6th, 7th, and 8th grade P.E. information and procedures 

    6th Grade Physical Education Expectations

    7th and 8th Grade Physical Education Expectations 



    New Things to PE

    New Things to Jr. High PE - Participation Points, Make-Ups, and Extra Credit



    FitnessGram 9.0

    Class Assignments, Materials and Links

    • Please check your Skyward Calendar
      • Each day, a message is posted about what was done in class that day. Look at the date you are searching for and click on '6th Health' or '7th Health' to view the message. These messages will also post each day to your Skyward Home Page.
      • Any handouts given in class will be attached to the message for that specific day--look for the little paperclip symbol. By clicking on the paperclip, you can download and print off handouts given in class from home OR view them to complete assignments on a loose leaf piece of paper.
    • Please check your Skyward Gradebook
      • Whenever an assignment, quiz, or test is assigned, it is posted in the daily Skyward Message.
      • An assignment is also created in the gradebook.
      • Be sure to CLICK on the assignment to view all details of the assignment.
        • Assigned Date
        • Due Date
        • Handouts given in class are attached (click on the paperclip symbol to download for viewing or printing of handout)
        • How many points the assignment is out of
        • Grade (letter)
          • If there is a comment about this assignment, it will be marked next to the grade by a conversation bubble symbol. If you click on this you will see the comment left for this assignment. 
        • Score (percentage)
        • Points Earned (example: 19 out of 20 points)
        • If the assignment is MISSING (meaning it was not turned in by the due date), a green check mark will indicate this next to the 'Missing:' section
          • All missing assignments, get marked as 0 points earned AND Missing. 
          • Once the assignment gets turned in, the 0 points earned is removed AND the Missing gets turned to Late.
          • Once graded, the actual points earned will be updated, but the assignment remains marked as Late.
        • No Count
          • If an assignment is marked at 'No Count,' the grade does NOT impact the students overall grade in health class.
          • There are multiple reasons why something may be marked as 'No Count'
            •  Assignment is TURNED IN but NOT YET GRADED
            • Student as absent for work that cannot be made up outside of class. For this case, the points earned will be marked as '0,' but remember it is 'No Count' so this does not have an impact on the health class grade.
            • Work was completed, but for various reasons it is not being kept as a grade. For these cases, the points earned will stay as they are but will not impact the health class grade. Usually this is always marked with a comment as to WHY it is marked at 'No Count.'