• School Health Requirements



    We have a special request regarding the reporting of communicable diseases. Please notify the school immediately if your physician confirms that your child has chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc. You must also notify the County Health Department at 1-800-472-8008 or 605-6700.


    Physical examinations are recommended for all students when they enter kindergarten. This is in accordance with recommendations of the  State Health Department. Sports physicals are required for 6th & 8th graders participating in any sport.  Yearly dental and vision exams are strongly recommended but not required.


    It is imperative that you inform us if your child has glasses. More importantly, we need to know the required time to wear them. This is particularly true for upper grade students. A note to the classroom teacher would be most appreciated; there is a blank for this information on the registration card as well.


    In the event that a child becomes sick or injured during the school day and must go home, the school will call the child's home to inform the parents or guardians of the situation.

    All families are expected to keep the office informed of an "emergency telephone number" to be used in the event that the sick or injured child's parents cannot be reached at home or at work.


    The State of Wisconsin, Kenosha County Health Department, and Randall Consolidated School Policy indicate that no medication will be administered to students by school personnel without a Parental Consent Form and a Physician's Order for Medication form. If  forms are needed, they may be obtained at the school or from our Randall website.

    It is imperative that all medication be supplied in a properly labeled bottle for school authorities. The label on the bottle must contain the name and telephone number of the pharmacy, the pupil's identification, name of the physician, name of the drug and the dosage to be given.