• Character is Destiny
    Author unknown

    "Watch your thoughts,
    They become your words.

    Watch your words,
    They become your actions.

    Watch your action,

    They become your habits.

    Watch your habits;

    They become your character.

    Watch your character;

    It becomes your destiny."


    Note from Character ED.

    I like the analogy Character Ed is not "added to the plate of education, it IS the plate. "meaning Character Education should be the base of all academic subjects in order to produce not only knowledgeable children, but children who have a good heart and will use their knowledge for good. They have used the comparisons of evil people- with brilliant minds but yet did not have the element of Character developed into their adulthood. They could have used their abilities for positive outcomes instead of negative.

    Many families are broken, don't have religious beliefs, are too busy, or parents don't really know how to model it themselves, to "teach" character ed. to children. Many children are being raised by influences of the media intended for entertainment, as model behavior and a way of life.