• The undersigned hereby applies for use of Randall School facilities as indicated below and agrees to pay the rental fee stated, if any.
    It is agreed that, while being used by the Undersigned, proper control will be maintained over the building and any persons who may be therein.  It is agreed that any damage beyond normal wear and tear while being used for the purpose requested will be the liability of the Undersigned.
    The Undersigned agrees to indemnify, save and hold free and harmless Joint District #1, Town of Randall, Village of Twin Lakes, et al., their officers, agents and/or employees, for injury or death of persons or damages to property arising out of, connected with or attributable to the use and occupancy of the building, grounds, or facilities as provided.
    (If facility use occurs on a weekend requiring someone to unlock and lock the building the organization or group will pay directly to the employee assigned to do so two times the regular wage rate of that employee).
    NOTE:  In the event that school is closed or cancelled for any reason your scheduled activity will also be cancelled.  Groups using the Elementary (green) Gym are reminded that the Climbing Wall is not to be used and are asked to monitor this area diligently.







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