•  "Intelligence alone is not enough: Intelligence plus character-that is the true goal of education."

    Martin Luther King Jr.


    Character Ed. is a very important skill needed to be learned to become a more successful person.

    •     Most schools focus on academics.
    •     Students at centre of all we do.
    •     Preparing them for successful lives beyond school is a key imperative.
    •     Education is a moral endeavor.
    •     Teaching of core ethical values fills large void in education
    •     Increase in behavioral problems in secondary schools worldwide.
    •     Recent studies - relationships between behaviors such as smoking and dropping out of school.
    •     Excellent schools in our school districts. Safe schools emphasis has been successful. Motivation is not because we have serious problems.
    •     Should not rest on our laurels.
    •     Must recognize the impact of the media and other societal factors on behavior of youth.

         "Parents, students and teachers want schools to be a safe, secure, and respectful environment for learning. Your government wants the education system to teach students the importance of respect for themselves, respect for others and respect for the responsibilities of citizenship. It has already included mandatory community service in the new high school curriculum, but more must be done to foster principles of tolerance, civility and good citizenship among Ontario's youth."  (emphasis added)

    Speech from the Throne, October 21, 1999


    "Education worthy of its name is essentially education for character."

    Martin Barber