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    Mrs. Elrod

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    It is my passion to provide a safe, well-rounded, and rigorous educational environment for all students. My educational philosophy focuses on exploratory and student-led learning. I feel students learn more when they do, rather than sit and get. I strive to provide safe and stimulating opportunities that encourages students to ask questions and trust their instincts. It is my passion to motivate students through critical thinking, combined with life experience, inner strength, and the confidence to achieve their goals. As an administrator, I focus on being a collaborative and reflective resource for teachers, providing them with the tools they need to help all students succeed.

    My background and experience includes 3 years as a Principal and school administrator in a Racine Charter School and a 4k - 8 school district in Lake Geneva. Prior to this, I taught middle school math in Kenosha, WI and Beach Park, IL for 5 years.

    Degree/Education Information:
    I earned my Masters degree in Education Administration in 2016. I received my Bachelor’s degree in education with a minor in Mathematics at Carthage College in 2012, and worked 15 years as a small business accountant.